I'm New Here

review circle  - Melissa Nokes
5-star ratingWe went for the first time today, and we loved it. Everyone is so welcoming, and willing to help us newbies find where we needed to go! Our son had a great time in his class, and is already making sure he gets to go back next week. We also enjoyed the message....you won us over with Legos. Definitely going to return!

review circle  - Andrea Welzien
5-star ratingVisited for the first time yesterday and absolutely LOVED it! Pastor Byron's sermon was relatable and inspiring, and the music was amazing. I've been in Orlando for a few years now, but never really found the right church for me. I think at C3 I have finally found a church to call home.

review circle  - Suzanne Leyte-Vidal Ramsey
5-star ratingTHE most relaxed, accepting Christian environment I have been to in my life! I was "away" from church for ten years and they opened their arms to me and my family. Five years later we are still there and my kids look forward to going each week. They always beg to bring friends and their friends always want to come back!  LOVE it! You will love the come as you are attitude. C3 has changed my life! It can change yours too!

review circle  - Alison Orth
5-star ratingMy family and I had our second visit today, and we are just as happy as the first visit. We brought some friends today, and they're planning to come back with us. This is a door that needed opening in our lives, and you've made an enormous impact already! Thank you!

review circle  - Mike Stroz
5-star ratingC3 is an AWESOME church and we couldn't be happier. They put an emphasis on loving God and loving others - and they show this by looking for direction from the Bible and being active in the community. They truly live up to their name- Connecting the Community with Christ. Personally, I enjoy the sermons and Community Groups - but I am most pleased that my kids look forward to church every week. Their children's ministry is off the charts... and as a parent - I couldn't ask for anything more. Great job, C3. We'll see you on Sunday...

review circle  - Gina Huston
5-star ratingBest church in Orlando. My family had been searching for a home church and we've found it! We have been coming a few weeks and our lives have changed. We are tithing and are being blessed, our 8 year old loves children's church and is memorizing scripture, even when I don't feel well we are there. I hate to miss church. Everybody is friendly and welcoming. Love the overall atmosphere. Last but not least, Pastor Bledsoe is remarkable and he is an awesome TEACHER of the word of God. He makes us want to do better as Christians by the way he ministers. LOOK NO FURTHER Come to C3. Try it once.

review circle  - Jonny Renalds
5-star ratingI was looking for a place to take my family to this Easter Sunday and a friend of mine who attends C3 Church urged me to join him at C3 this year. When we arrived we were greeted most graciously as soon as we entered. Everyone was seemed genuinely happy we were there. It was pretty crowded considering it was Easter Sunday, but at no time did we feel overwhelmed by it. Main service was awesome! The Live music was rocking and the Easter message was anything but preachy. The Pastor spoke to my wife and I in a way that really made sense. After we left, our kids raved about the easter egg hunt for days.

review circle  - Lisa Lozano
5-star ratingMy first visit was last Sunday, and I was blown away by this awesome experience. Looking forward to bringing my Family to praise and worship here with C3, Thank You!!!

review circle  - Rachael Gentry
5-star ratingFirst time visitor and found my new faith home!! Worship was spot on and the message spoke to my heart! Can't wait until next week!

review circle  - Megha Saluja
5-star ratingC3 is perfect for me! Such a relaxed and welcoming environment. I love the relevant messages and the current music the band plays! I would definitely recommend C3 to everyone I know!!

review circle  - Narda Alondra Pichardo
5-star ratingIt's been a while since I visited such a welcoming community, because that's what C3 is. I felt right at home and enjoyed the service very much. If you have the time, even if you don't, make the time to come. You will be forever in love.

review circle  - Nunez LA
5-star ratingAmazing! Thankful to call C3 our home church! My kids love it! I love it! You feel the positive energy and sweet attitudes from the parking lot! #tryitonce

review circle  - Monica Hunt
5-star ratingC3 church is incredible! My husband and I love the worship and the messages are always life changing! We have two boys - a 2 year old- who absolutely loves coming to church. The atmosphere they have him in is so specific to his age and they do fun things geared just for him! I'm so thankful our kids have a fun place to learn about Jesus! We also have a baby (7 months) and it can be so nerve racking leaving your little tiny ones...not at C3! The women who volunteer with the babies are awesome! Loving on my baby and keeping him safe. I never have to worry about him at all when I'm in church. We are so glad to be a part of a church that is constantly challenging us and helping us make our marriage and family better! I can't imagine our lives without C3- it's such an authentic community with awesome people!

review circle  - Jaime Adams
5-star ratingC3 always makes you feel welcomed and loved. #tryitonce

review circle  - Loren O'Dell
5-star ratingI am visiting family in Orlando and my sister recommended C3. She was not able to attend and I was a bit anxious about going alone, but everyone was so friendly and helpful. The service was amazing and I look forward to sharing the sermon (if the audio is posted online) with some of my friends at my home church in NJ. It was an amazing experience... I feel so blessed for the opportunity to attend today. I will be back next week, without a doubt!

review circle  - Lisy Garcia
5-star rating#tryitonce

review circle  - Melli Rae
5-star ratingThe best!! I always feel loved and wanted here. Everyone greets you and welcomes you. They make you feel like you are their best friend and they are so happy to see you. Its amazing!! Best Church I've ever been to.

review circle  - Lindsay Donachy
5-star ratingMy family and I visited C3 church whilst on holiday and we felt so at home! We cannot wait to plan out next holiday so we can visit you all again!

review circle  - Jessica Mann
5-star ratingThe best church I've ever been to. The pastor is truly amazing!

review circle  - Elaine Martinez
5-star ratingBoth my teenage son and I attend this church regularly. Being a part of C3's movement is an amazing feeling. I have visited many churches in the 14 years that I've lived in Florida, this is the one church that I call my home church. Starting with the parking lot attendants, to the greeter, the band is amazing and very enthusiastic and of course Pastor Byron all make you feel so comfortable. It's a very relaxed and casual environment. Give C3 a shot, you won't regret it!

review circle  - Melissa Nokes
5-star ratingWe went for the first time today, and we loved it. Everyone is so welcoming, and willing to help us newbies find where we needed to go! Our son had a great time in his class, and is already making sure he gets to go back next week. We also enjoyed the message....you won us over with Legos. Definitely going to return!

review circle  - Shauna Sheri
5-star ratingI have only visited C3 once this far but definitely plan on attending again! Everyone was so welcoming and inviting, and the service was amazing. I have received a welcoming letter and a Christmas card from the pastor, his family and the C3 family wishing me a happy holiday and wishes to come back. With love overflowing like this, who would resist? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Blessings!

review circle  - Brandon Widger
5-star ratingI haven't been to c3 since I was in Florida but I miss it so much you guys were so group/family oriented and one of the greatest churches I have ever been to keep up the good work guys when I move back I'll surely be coming to visit

review circle  - Cory Yurgelonis
5-star ratingIt's been 7 years and my whole family was baptized here . Thank you to all members of C3 and to Pastor Byron.

review circle  - David Garcia
5-star ratingIt has been such a blessing being a part of this family and it is lead by a fantastic pastor, Byron Bledsoe. His messages are challenging and encouraging, but mostly heartfelt. He truly believes in what Christ taught us about life and tries to portray that in his life everyday!

review circle  - Marlene Graham
5-star ratingMy son loves this church, the children's group is amazing and the attendants are amazing with my son. Thank you

review circle  - Melinda Echevarria-Gomez
5-star ratingAll I can say is that I finally found a church where I fit in and feel welcomed. I love C3! Thanks for being awesome.

review circle  - Janise Fils-Aime
5-star ratingThe message delivered today was so beautiful. I wish the world could be mandated to listen.

review circle  - Monique Cornelius
5-star ratingI love attending this church. I always understand the message of the day. And The pastor is very engaging.

review circle  - Bill Lacey DeMott
5-star ratingGreat place to receive the message and feel welcome

review circle  - Pete Ortiz
5-star ratingC3church amazing come see for your self and walk away a Changed person !

review circle  - Debbie Brimmer-Smith
5-star ratingLove how scripture is the foundation at C3.

review circle  - JoAnna Julianelli
5-star ratingThank you for such an amazing Christmas Eve service! By far my favorite.

review circle  - Shannon Collins
5-star ratingC3 is an amazing church I love everything about it.

review circle  - Melissa Trabal
5-star ratingFirst time at C3 church and we loved it. My kids loved PowerHouse!

review circle  - Dottie Wiesen Wilson
5-star ratingThe Best Hour of my week!! <3

review circle  - Jesus Yanes-Fernandez
5-star ratingAwesome church. A true blessing for my children.

review circle  - Theresa Wachtel
5-star ratingI love my church!

review circle  - Moises A. Ramos III
5-star ratingAwesome!

review circle  - Sheryl Ann
5-star ratingI definitely recommend C3. Pastor Byron and his staff makes you feel at home, there is no pressure. It's a place you can come as you are and no one looks at you funny.

review circle  - Jean Carlo Gomez
5-star ratingThe church is great!

review circle  - Ayanna Beaupierre
5-star ratingLove this place, warm, friendly place where you can learn about God.

review circle  - Yanira Rodriguez
5-star ratingMy first visit today and felt the love of God and the Spirit move in this place! I will definitely be back!

review circle  - Donald Boell
5-star ratinggreat music and message, a lot of energy in the venue

review circle  - Melissa Porter
5-star ratingEveryone there made me feel so welcomed. It did not feel like a newcomer, I felt like I have been going to the church forever. Pastor Bryon was great! I can't wait to see what this Sunday will bring!

review circle  - Holly Gombs
5-star ratingC3 church is amazing! Pastor Byron and all the staff not only make you feel welcome but feel at home. There is no judgment and everyone is welcome! The kids ministry is truly a great experience! The volunteers make the experience comforting and safe for your children and give parents peace of mind that during church their children are not only safe but having fun and learning about Jesus ! C3 helps me connect my life with faith so I can build relationships and connect the community with Christ.

review circle  - Lucy Sanchez
5-star ratingThe service is amazing and the people are very friendly. I love this church!!

review circle  - Janette Gonzalez
5-star ratingIts a very nice church, I enjoyed every minute, very interesting and I love the music. Pastor is great and delivers the message.