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Back To The Future

Back To The Future

Have you ever wanted a “restart”? A “do-over”? 
We’ve all been there. The text you wish you could un-send. 
The exam you wish you could retake. The phone call you
wish you hadn’t returned. Just imagine if you could have
a fresh start in life all that it would mean for you. 

There is actually one vitally important area that we can
“restart”. And, this works for everyone! We’re going to 
go back 1,000’s of years and discover some Biblical principles 
that will give us the best shot to live the future God created 
us to live… the future each of us crave. Join us this Sunday 
for “Back To The Future”.  

This is going to be one of the most beneficial series we’ve 
ever done in the history of C3. You’ve got to be there... In fact
make sure everyone you know is at C3 for “Back To The Future”!

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