Let's Go FAQ

LET'S GO is the journey that leads C3 to "what's next."

1. What is Let's Go?

LET'S GO is the journey that leads C3 to "what's next."  As a portable church, in a sense we've been "leasing an apartment" and our family has grown significantly!  It's now time to prepare to "lease a home" or "purchase a home" so our family can continue to grow and help thousands of people. We're asking each person and family to pray about a 2019 financial commitment over and above their normal tithes and offering to help prepare C3 for "what's next."  

2. Where will the money go?

Every dollar raised will go into a separate account and designated only for expenses related to our next step.  (Soft costs related to a new location; lease, purchase, or acquisition of new space; renovations of new space; etc.

3. How can I be involved?

CLICK HERE for the two ways you can be involved.

4. Can we give gifts other than cash?

Yes. If you have stocks, securities, or other assets you'd like to donate to LET'S GO, please call the church office (407.380.0707) or email info@c3church.cc.

5. Can we give online to let's go?

Yes. CLICK HERE, and be sure to select "LET'S GO" in the FUND drop-down menu.  You can set up a recurring donation, or make a one-time gift.

6. If I didn't receive a let's go packet in the mail where can I get one?

The LET'S GO packets are available at Next Steps on Sunday morning. They include a brochure, and the commitment card.

7. If I can't attend the commitment Sunday where can I turn in my commitment card?

Commitment Cards can be enclosed in the Commitment Card envelope and placed in the offering during one of our worship services. You can also mail the commitment cards in the self-addressed envelope provided in the packet.