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Kid Faith and Baptism FAQs

FAQ’s – Kid Faith & Baptism at C3 Church

Our next KidFaith will be April 28th.  CLICK HERE to register.

1) What is Kid Faith?

Kid Faith is a 60-minute class that walks kids through what the Bible has to say about salvation, what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus and the meaning of baptism. Kids are active participants in Kid Faith, and will be asked questions so they get a chance to verbalize their understanding of salvation, when they made a decision to commit their lives to Jesus and why they want to be baptized. We also describe the process of baptism at C3 Church and answer any questions that the kids may have!

2) How do I know if my child is ready to attend Kid Faith?

We believe that baptism is an important step of obedience for children who have accepted Jesus as their Savior. Now is a great time to have a conversation with your child about the decision they made to commit their life to Jesus. If your child has prayed to receive Christ as their Savior and is ready to share publicly that they have made this decision then they are ready for Kid Faith!


3) When/where does Kid Faith happen?

Kid Faith takes place inside our elementary environment (Powerhouse), on Sunday mornings during one of our services. You will check your child in, get their security sticker and drop them off and pick them up in Powerhouse just like you do every week.

4) What can I expect after my child attends Kid Faith?

Your child is going to bring home the materials that we talk through during Kid Faith. We would ask that you spend some time letting your child show you everything that was discussed. It’s a great chance to let them ‘practice’ sharing what they know about Jesus and salvation. They will also bring home a Bible reading plan which is a great tool that you can use to encourage them to spend time reading their Bible and further developing their faith.

Once your child completes Kid Faith, we will contact you the following week. We will share with you our thoughts about whether baptism is the next best step for your child. It is our desire to partner with you in the spiritual growth of your child. For this reason we believe its essential that each child has a clear understanding of a personal decision to be a follower of Jesus. We want this important step to be something that is significant in their life which they will always be able to look back on for reassurance. When a child isn’t really ready for baptism it can create a spiritual confusion that they may wrestle with for years. We know that’s not what you desire for your child and we want clarity for them as well.

If your child is ready for baptism, we will assist you in getting them scheduled for the next baptism. If they are not ready for baptism, we will be able to make some recommendations on ways that you can help support their spiritual growth.

We recognize that not every child is ready for baptism at the same time or age. Faith is a concept that is grasped at different times for each of us. We also understand that as a parent your desire is for the best for your child and that’s our desire as well.