I Will so We Can FAQ's

1. What is I WILL so WE CAN?

After almost fourteen years of being portable, we have a home! God has done so much in and through the life of C3. We’ve seen our friends, neighbors, family members and acquaintances find hope in a relationship with Jesus through C3 while at the same time discovering a church where they can belong all while meeting in a theater and a school.


For years, we’ve been asking, “What’s next?”. Now, we know. God has provided a place for C3 where our ministries will expand. He’s given us more, to do more and to help more than ever before. As a church, we have been strong. To accomplish all God has for us now and fulfill our purpose, we must become stronger. Within a 15 minute drive of Timber Creek there are just over 140,000 people. Within a 15 minute drive of our new home, there are over 540,000 people! God is placing us strategically to help more people know Jesus and live in hope than ever before! 


I WILL so WE CAN is our 12-month giving journey to invest in our full-time home!  As we move from space we leased for just a few hours, the operating expenses will increase, but so will our opportunity to bring hope to your family, friends, neighbors, classmates, teammates and our community in greater ways!!

2. Where will the money go?

Every dollar given will be used to ensure C3 is even stronger as we transition into permanent space. Of course, our operating expenses will be significantly more now that we'll have space. I WILL so WE CAN will create a successful transition to our new home as well as put us in a stronger position to help more people with more space and more opportunities.

3. How can I be involved?

We’re asking everyone to commit to praying for our future, and ask God for what He would have them invest in giving over and above our regular tithes and offerings for the next 12 months to I WILL so WE CAN. On November 7th, we will each bring our commitment cards as well as our first best offering kicking off the 12 months (Nov. ’21 - Nov. ’22). 

4. Can we give gifts other than cash?

Yes. If you have stocks, securities, or other assets you'd like to donate, please call the church office (407.380.0707) or email info@c3church.cc.

5. Can we give online to I WILL so WE CAN?

Yes. CLICK HERE, and be sure to select ““I WILL so WE CAN"" in the FUND drop-down menu.  You can set up a recurring donation, or make a one-time gift.

6. If I didn't receive an I WILL so WE CAN packet in the mail where can I get one?

The I WILL so WE CAN packets are available at Next Steps on Sunday morning. They include a brochure, and the commitment card.

7. If I can't attend the commitment Sunday where can I turn in my commitment card?

Commitment Cards can be enclosed in the Commitment Card envelope and placed in the offering during one of our worship services. You can also mail the commitment cards in the self-addressed envelope provided in the packet.

I continue to pray for you and thank God daily for the blessing of being on this journey with you. We’re just getting started and the best is truly yet to come! 

 - Pastor Byron