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“I Can’t”

I Can’t, Part 2

Occasionally we say it out loud but more often we say it to ourselves. “I can’t”. When we think this way it’s over before it starts. Whatever we’re facing, we’ve decided… “I can’t”.

Sunday marks one of those rare moments in life. As we stand at the beginning of a brand new year we feel the possibilities a little more. There are so many things, so many relationships, so many times this past year that we decided, “I can’t”. Maybe it was your health. Or perhaps your marriage or an important relationship.  Many people often feel this way when faced with how the income just doesn’t quite cover the bills. 

You’ve been here before.  You’ve had these thoughts before. You’ve promised yourself it would be different this time… but last year nothing really changed. At least not in the ways you had hoped.  Somewhere along the way maybe you decided, “I can’t”. 

As we begin 2017 how do we ensure that this year “it” will happen?  Can “I can’t” finally become “I can”? In this brand new series, “I Can’t” we’re going to discover how to make the changes that we’ve always wanted to make. This time can be the time.  You really can! At C3, everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect but we believe anything is possible. It’s a brand new year and we get to start over so I hope you’ll join us this Sunday! (It wouldn’t be the same without you).  

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