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Current Givers

Important Note for Current Givers:

We have an important update regarding online giving at C3 Church, and we need your help! Your generosity and financial partnership with C3 Church is immensely appreciated. We are now in the process of transitioning our online system to a new giving experience called Pushpay, which allows for simple giving from a variety of platforms, including mobile giving. This has replaced online giving in Fellowship One.

If you have scheduled giving through Fellowship One, It is our goal to get you switched over to the new system by February 28th.

Here’s how:

Part One: Cancel scheduled gifts in Fellowship One

  1. Login HERE to the Fellowship One portal.
  2. Click the "Schedules" Tab at the top.
  3. Click the "Name" of the Schedule to edit.
  4. In the bottom right hand corner, click "Delete Schedule"

Part Two: Setting up a new recurring gift using Pushpay

  1. CLICK HERE and set up your automatic gift using Pushpay. The recurring gift option should already be selected and you can simply set up your automatic gift.
  2. After you set up your recurring gift, you will be prompted to complete the setup of your new account!

As always, if you have any questions, please call 407.380.0707 or email us at info@c3church.cc. Thank you for making the commitment to give in this way, and are honored that you have decided to help us Connect the Community with Christ!