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Love Loud

Love Loud is:

  • Bringing HOPE to those in need.
  • Bringing LIFE to our community.
  • Bringing CAPACITY to our future.



Bringing HOPE to those in need.

Through our partnership with C3 Global, C3 Church has adopted the Acrejah orphanage in Haiti.  C3 has committed to provide 2 meals daily for the children, and all educational and church supplies. In addition, C3 will help develop a self-sustaining farm for the students, allowing them to raise livestock and potentially provide a fresh start for them as they leave the orphanage.

We are also in discussions with the orphanage about capital improvements desperately needed to their building. Through the Love Loud commitments, we will begin those improvements to enhance the comfort and safety of the children.

Bringing LIFE to our community.

There are over 250,000+ people in East Orlando, and we want each of them to know the hope that Jesus offers. Since 2008, we've fed 600 families for one month, provided 700 backpacks for local schools, and packaged 25,000 meals for local children. Love Loud will fund more events like these, and provide resources for us to use creative tools to reach more of our community, such as:

  • Live Spanish translation for our worship services

  • Development of an online video campus

  • Development of a C3 Church mobile app

  • Creative promotional strategies to reach those in our local community

Bringing CAPACITY to our future.

C3 has experienced exponential growth over the last 2 years, and that growth is continuing. (C3 Growth Graphs) Love Loud will provide the capacity we need to fund additional space for both C3 Kids and C3 Students. In addition, C3 has begun exploring options for "What's Next?" We're not sure what our next address will be, but Love Loud will provide the capacity for soft costs associated with that search. We want to be ready to walk through the door of opportunity when God opens it!